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About Us
Owl Nite Security is an industry leader in security in the State of Oklahoma. We are locally owned and operated in the Tulsa area with operations in surrounding communities as well as the Northwest Arkansas area. Owl Nite is a focused security company providing security solutions through skilled people. Our services are customized to meet individual client specific needs and will be tailored to fit their particular industry. 

Our company was founded in 1975 by Wayne Pauley who believed in customer-focused security solutions. At the time, Wayne had very few employees and his clients were mainly people that knew him. In 1989 Wayne became a deputy with the Tulsa County Sherriffs office. In 1996, Owl Nite Security became incorporated and started to experience steady growth. After the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 the nation realized the need for security and protection over their assets. Owl Nite Security recognized the need to provide specialized services for ALL industries. 

Today, Owl Nite Security has become the leader in the private security industry in the State of Oklahoma. The company holds steadfast to the principles set forth by our founder. Our officers are dedicated to serving the community and are focused on client specific needs. Our mission is to attain client satisfaction through involved, focused, committed, and trained security officers.

Every employee in our company is required to carry a CLEET(Council of law Enforcement Education and Training) license issued by the State of Oklahoma. This license ensures proper training and background checks for all security officers at the State level. They are well trained individuals and are placed in an environment were they will be an asset to the client and our company. Employees of Owl Nite Security are local, area and reserve law enforcement officers, as well as CLEET licensed Armed and Unarmed security personnel. Owl Nite works together with local and other area law enforcement agencies. Our company is committed to providing complete security services to its clients, including the ultimate prosecution of offenders, (trial appearances, etc.) when necessary. Our people are our greatest asset---the foundation of our past success and the cornerstone of the future.

Employment Standards 
Our people along with our training and professional development programs, management systems and support, quality assurance and measurement systems, value-added service and service offerings along with our attention to detail. 

We take pride in our service delivery model, including:
Comprehensive value-added service offerings
Extensive training and professional developmental opportunities
Stringent selection requirements and a rigorous selection process
Employee benefits package
Management support
Quality measurement systems

We cordially invite you to explore the strategic approach of our service delivery model

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